Hello, Hola!

Thanks for stopping by. I’m Carolina, a multi-passionate creative and photographer inspired by people, food, adventure and the great outdoors.

I believe my photography is a reflection of my background and character - diverse, curious and colourful.

When I’m not in London, you’re likely to find me in Gibraltar/Southern Spain or chasing the sun and immersing myself in foodie adventures.

I’m available for:

  • culinary photography & storytelling

  • creative documentary & travel photography

  • portraiture

  • photography for small-businesses,

    creatives & charities

More fun facts about me: I’m a Gemini, I grew up in 4 different countries, I hold a BA in Politics & IR and MA in Anthropology, I’m 5’1 and 29, I speak English and Spanish, I have two passports, I’m happiest in nature and by the sea, my favourite seasons are Spring & Summer and the keys to my heart involve a good vegetable curry or Vietnamese pho. 

Let’s get creating!